If you notice your alert output was empty and the bot therefore did not receive any data, there are a few things you can check.\

  • Ensure this box is checked in the strategies

  • Ensure the Tradingview alert contains this message
    • {{strategy.order.alert_message}}

IMPORTANT: Alert message box placeholders are CASE-SENSITIVE. Using improper upper or lower case will cause the message being sent to return NA (an empty string). You should copy these texts exactly and paste them as is.

After verifying this information is in the strategy, you will need to update your alert to reflect these changes. 

If you've ever updated your strategy in any way, you must always update your alert. 

  1. Open the alert you want to change the save state for.
  2. Open the "Condition" dropdown menu
  3. Select the last strategy at the bottom of the dropdown. This will be the newest save state of your strategy.
  4. Click save