The feature "Send Contract Quantity by Strategy Calculation" is a checkbox under the Prism Bot settings, and it is used to calculate quantities by the strategy and send those quantities precisely per trade to what Tradingview dictates. By default, our bot will calculate based on your Risk % and your equity in your account. In other words, this setting is OPTIONAL and is not necessary unless you intend to set a specific amount of your equity to allocate for bot usage.

In order to use this feature, this requires Live Trading (click here) or Date Range Filtering to be used.

You will also need to input how much of your account the strategy will use for your contract quantity calculations. You can do this from the Properties Tab. You may also want to set your commission value.

Once this is done, you can engage Date Range Filtering (or Live Trading)in the strategy, set the dates you would like to trade (in a range), and then your strategy is ready to send quantities to the bot!

Be sure to check and double check your capital / equity amount, risk quantity calculations, etc. to ensure this works as you expect on your live account.