What is a bot? 

  • How many bots you have indicate how many trades you can have open at one time. For instance, there is currently a BTC position open by the bot and a subsequent ETH signal is received to open a separate trade, where there is only 1 position available to the user, the bot would ignore the ETH trade signal.

If you would like to upgrade your bot tier to a higher position count, you can do this as follows:

  • Access your User Subscription Dashboard
  • Click on your active subscription
  • From the "Items" panel, you can click EDIT
  • Next click "REMOVE" to remove the current subscription option
  • Click "ADD ITEM" to find the new subscription option you would like to upgrade to
  • Select the Tier Upgrade you would like to change to and click "ADD"
  • Click "SAVE"
  • If you would like to place your order and upgrade now, you can click on "Place Order Now" in the panel below. Otherwise, your new subscription upgrade will start on your next billing period. **


We will rollover your remaining time on any existing subscription paid early. The rollover amount depends on the tier you've upgraded to.

Tier 1 = Free (1 Position at a time)

Tier 2 = 3 Positions at a time

Tier 3 = 5 Positions at a time

Tier 4 = Unlimited Positions at a time

  • Tier n to Tier n + 1
    • 50% rollover time
  • Tier n to Tier n + 2
    • 25% rollover time
  • Tier n to Tier n + 3
    • 12.5% rollover time

Your expiration date will be pushed to order date + days in this month + rollover

If Johnny orders a monthly Tier 1 bot subscription on May 1st, and upgrades to Tier 2 bot subscription on May 11th, Johnny has 20 days time left on the Tier 1 bot subscription at the time of the new upgrade purchase. Therefore:

May 11th + 31 + (20 * 50%) = New renewal date starting June 21st and recurring.

These same rules apply on yearly and quarterly purchases.