Sometimes your chart and your alerts may not seem consistent with each other. This can be because of 2 primary causes. 

CAUSE 1 | Trailing Take Profit

The most common cause is the use of Trailing systems (such as our Trailing Take Profit). Because of how Trailing is calculated by Tradingview, some trades may appear bugged and not be closing when you expect them to on the chart, even though a close alert triggered by Tradingview when you expected it to. This is a known issue and has been reported several times to Tradingview. Rest assured your alerts are running as a separate instance on Tradingview's servers and the visual bug on the chart is just a visual bug as far as we can tell. Your may find refreshing your chart fixes the bug after the candle has already closed.

CAUSE 2 | Alert is not updated

The second most common cause is that you have changed your strategy and you haven't yet updated your alerts to reflect this change.

If you've ever updated your strategy in any way, you must always update your alert. 

This doesn't merely mean opening the alert and clicking save.

When you create an alert for the first time, TradingView creates a save state tied to the strategy or indicator for which the alert is being created.

This does a couple of things. 

  1. It prevents any updates to the strategy from changing your alert
  2. Which means whatever your alert was originally intended to do will always do that thing until you update or delete it

If for any reason you change ANY setting in your strategy - a single digit, checkbox, or text value of any kind - and you want this change reflected in your alerts, you must do the following.

  1. Open the alert you want to change the save state for.
  2. Open the "Condition" dropdown menu
  3. Select the last strategy at the bottom of the dropdown. This will be the newest save state of your strategy.
  4. Click save

Once you do this, TradingView will update your alert to the newest save state which will now also run forever until you change the alert. Again, any change to the strategy must be reflected in your alerts, so just repeat steps 1 - 4 above if you change your strategy and need to update your alert.