Additional Profit Exits will take profits off a winning trade at various levels between the entry price and the take profit target.

Prism Strategies provide 3 profit target options. Each target has a percent value (0 - 100). The amount value is what percent of the current contracts in the trade to exit with. This amount is not an amount of the original total quantity.

As an example, if you want to exit 25% of the total initial quantity at each target, then you would need to use the following amount values.

Open Quantity: 100 Contracts

Target 1 Amt: 25% (75 remaining contracts)

Target 2 Amt: 33.3% (50 remaining contracts)

Target 3 Amt: 50% (25 remaining contracts)

Send Placeholder Values as Offset from Entry

   Useful for bots. If your bot requires you to send the Take Profit target as an offset value (a price difference between the target and the entry price) this checkbox will change the price to be this difference instead of the exact value.