These placeholders can be used for a variety of bot on order entries. You can only use these in the main Tradingview message box, and NOT in the alert message boxes within the strategy. 

IMPORTANT: All of these messages to be placed in the alert message box are CASE-SENSITIVE. Using improper upper or lower case will cause the message being sent to return NA (an empty string). You should copy these texts exactly and paste them as is.


Entry Price


Take Profit Target

{{plot("Take Profit")}}

Stop Loss

{{plot("Stop Loss")}}

Emergency Stop Loss

{{plot("Emergency Stop Loss")}}

Trailing Take Profit Trigger (sends exact price value)

{{plot("Trailing Take Profit Trigger")}}

Trailing Take Profit Trigger (sends % value)

{{plot("Trailing Take Profit Trigger As Percent")}}

Trailing Take Profit Offset (sends exact price value) 

{{plot("Trailing Take Profit Offset")}}


Trailing Take Profit Offset (sends % value)

{{plot("Trailing Take Offset As Percent")}}

Scaling Exit 1

{{plot("Scaling Exit 1")}}


Scaling Exit 2

{{plot("Scaling Exit 2")}}


Scaling Exit 3

{{plot("Scaling Exit 3")}}


Send Quantity Value as a Percentage

{{plot("Qty As Percent")}}

Contracts (quantity for orders)


Order direction (long / short)


Asset Name / Ticker


Send Text from Alert Message Boxes