If your alerts are not working, we can assure you that our scripts have been tested over and over to determine the deployment of alerts and correct messages. If an alert is not triggering, this is a bug with Tradingview, not our scripts. It may be due to stops/take profit targets being too close to the origin bar of the start of a trade. It may also be that the alert triggers, but the service you are using (i.e., Wunderbit, Finandy) are not parsing or executing.

These are not issues we can resolve. You must contact the customer service of the bot service you are using in order to determine the cause.

You can inform them that you are using a strategy that uses custom message inputs, you have input the messages for the deployment of alerts, and then describe the incorrect behavior you are experiencing.

We have tested alerts with Wunderbit, Finandy, and 3Commas, and will work to test alerts on other services as well.